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The Mayan Calendar, the key to our existence

The Mayan Calendar is a mythology about the origin of the earth, it is a creation story, just as Genesis is. However, when the Mayan Calendar is compared to what is scientifically known about the origin of the earth, this creation story bears stunning similarities to it.
According to the Mayan Calendar, the earth plus all life on it originated in 9 distinct periods of 7 days and 6 nights each. Some striking similarities:
• The beginning of the Cellular Cycle coincides with the approximate age of the universe, that is, roughly with the Big bang.
• About 1.2 billion years ago, the first single-celled organisms emerged, the end product of the cellular Cycle. The 7th day of the cellular Cycle began 1.26 billion years ago.
• During the Mammalian cycle, a day and a night lasted about 63 million years. A large-scale study of over 18000 fossils has shown, that the emergence of new species of life coincided with the Mammalian cycle of 7 days and 6 nights and proceeded in rhythmic waves of 62 to 63 million years.
• The national cycle began about 5,000 years ago. It tells the story of the birth of nations and monotheism. It also coincides with the Biblical story Genesis.
• The Planetary Cycle began in 1755 and coincides with the Industrial Revolution and the rise of materialism.
• The galactic cycle began on Jan. 1, 1999, coinciding with the IT revolution.
In fact, the Mayan Calendar brings science and religion back together. It is the key to the realization, that the various religions, myths and legends worldwide have a real and common basis.
The Mayan Calendar says nothing about the perishing of the world, it only tells about the simultaneous ending of the 9 levels, it thus tells us that creation is complete. We have then matured physically and mentally and can begin to fulfill our function as co-creators of the Earth. Connection with the Universe is restored and what follows is an era of actual freedom, love, happiness and brotherhood, as it was intended for us.
The biological laws are explained using our evolutionary developmental history. So I found them perfectly reflected in the first 4 eras of the Mayan Calendar, which describes the biological evolution of organisms on Earth.
In the following 4 eras, which give a picture about the mental evolution of man, I recognized the life lessons, which we had to undergo in order to become full-fledged "co-creators." Misery and problems also have their place in the bigger picture of "All that IS" (see Christ Returns).
Nothing happens for nothing, everything is meaningful and necessary.