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In the spring of 2016, I suddenly realized that in fact I had unintentionally developed a method, a protocol of questions and a way of working with them. The name for it that played through my head is het LIV (life in trust)-protocol or in Dutch het LEEF-protocol. From this the workshop was created by HELE door LEEF.
It is a way of working with the body through which the core fear can be outdated, made aware and reversed. In my experience, the core fear is always a fear of death, a fear of abandonment or not being able to fulfill the intended life mission. The insights that people get into themselves within a few minutes are often amazing.
It does not matter at every stage of the hammering compass someone sits, because the goal is to reduce anxiety, worry and stress regarding the current situation and remove it in the long run. In fact, it aims to prevent impacts, follow-up impacts and triggers.
I was very busy with that core fear in the months before and became more and more adept at finding out and neutralizing it in people. I have experienced that there is rarely really a solution if one understands the process, realizes when it started and what happened then: one gets stuck in the same reactions and behavior and continues to have problems with the same people and situations.
Understanding and realizing how it came about is in the head, but if you understand and see it 100%, then biologically not much needs to change yet. What you know rationally must become a deeply felt, inner knowing that the Old danger, which your body is still warning you about now, can no longer occur. The reaction or behavior that the body wants to induce you to and that was aimed at avoiding that danger is therefore no longer necessary.
The body lives in the now, it reacts to things in the now, even though the origin of that reaction is many years earlier. So it must also be neutralized in the now. Understanding the cause can be helpful, but is not necessary. The most important thing is that the emotion, the pain, is felt.
The protocol consists of a simple series of questions, in which the body is given the answer by intuition. Feeling is the key word here, the body is supposed to give the answer, not the head. By feeling and focusing on that feeling, a situation comes up that belongs to that feeling. It is this situation that is a danger or once was a danger and for which the body still warns.
The protocol proceeds in 5 steps:
Finding out the story of the body through the biological laws of nature.
Make the core fear aware.
The questions always catch up with the answer of the person, who again and again begins to feel what dangerous situation the body wants to warn him about. Thus, one gets closer and closer to the core.
Realize what is (has been) the use of that fear and of the behavior that resulted from it. This involves 2 aspects:
What was its direct purpose. That always amounts to avoiding the painful situation: death, being abandoned by other people or not being able to fulfill the intended life mission.
Awareness of the survival mechanisms and the presence of the core fear in others, to which the person in question reacts again with his own core fear. This perpetuates the vicious circle. Here the Insight is necessary, that another person also needs a difficult time to grow and become aware. Sometimes people have to be completely on the ground and can no longer go out of their way to make that step. It is important to give this to others!
Making it easier for others often comes at the expense of yourself in the long run. You are better off staying with yourself and your own path when you realize that you cannot solve a core fear and a survival mechanism of someone else and that in fact he will not benefit if you try. And that is something we unconsciously do very often out of our own fear of being rejected.
Let the body experience that the situation, in which that specific fear has set in and is programmed, can no longer occur or that one can now look at it and deal with it completely differently. This creates a new belief, which results in a different reaction.
Here insights into the unity consciousness, the bigger picture, the universal consciousness or the cosmic laws of creation, as I often call them, are of great importance. Sometimes one can transform the fear at once, so that the behavior (the survival mechanism), which was caused by that fear, is no longer necessary and disappears spontaneously and without much effort.
Sometimes it is a process and people still regularly show the same reaction and the same behavior.
This then happens completely unconsciously, one reacts suddenly and realizes that only later, it really goes beyond the mind.
In this phase, all kinds of existing methods can be used to program the new belief at the cellular level. I myself work a lot with EFT and Gnosis, but also Psyche-K, MIR, Bach flowers and many other methods that work on the beliefs and consciousness can be used here.
Adding the deed to the word in everyday life.
This is the most difficult exercise of the LEEF protocol and will have to be applied every time it is necessary. By reliving the situation that formed the trigger, feeling what is happening in the body and what situation it wants to avoid, realizing why that situation can no longer occur or no longer poses a danger (Step 3) and then de-stressing, one can train the body to no longer react to the trigger.
In the meantime, there are already very nice experiences with the LEEF protocol and with the workshop HEEL by LEEF. Fantastic to read!
The whole life Workshop
It is a workshop that is suitable for everyone and it is also a nice introduction to the biological laws of nature.
See the calendar for the dates.