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Individual training

Due to the increasing interest in the biological laws and the increasing demand for guidance, I will also provide individual coaching. This one is mainly aimed at eliminating fears in the broadest sense of the word, because essentially every negative emotion stems from fear:
Fear of the symptoms
Fear of the disease, its diagnosis
Concerns about the (often divergent) views of loved ones
The detection of (partially) unprocessed past traumatic situations and events
In short, all the inhibitory beliefs that delay or prevent the proper passage of the biological programs are worked on.
I mainly use EFT and the insights into the course of the natural biological programs. but other methods, based on feeling and physically experiencing the fears, can also be used.
Even if you want to be guided individually, this is only possible if you follow or have followed the basic workshop "living in trust - trust your body". In this workshop, the total rethinking is dealt with, which is the basis of the individual guidance.
Being immersed in rethinking for four days (live) or 17 weeks (online) is very different from one or two hours of individual training. The recognition and the experience stories of other participants also contribute to this.
The goal of both my workshops and the individual trainings is to put the person on their own feet. Subconsciously, you know what needs to be done and all that is needed is confidence in it:
Trust your body, trust yourself, trust life!

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