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Who am I
My name is Mies Kloos-Raasveldt. I am married to Jeroen and have 4 children, three girls and a boy. I studied hydrogeology at the (then) Agricultural University of Wageningen and after my studies we lived abroad with our family for 15 years. The fact that I put my maiden name after my husband's name comes from the 7 years we lived in Bolivia. The people there all have a double last name, both their father's and mother's. I was always asked about my middle name and so this became a habit. I am a science major, my subjects in high school were math 1 and 2, physics, chemistry, biology and, because I had to, Dutch and English. I have to be able to understand things, they have to be logical, and I have to be able to reason it out and explain it. Many things that happen to us in life cannot be explained or reasoned with our earthly senses alone, there has to be more, it cannot be otherwise, it is a logical consequence of open and honest observation. That is how I came to the spiritual path.
Youthful beliefs
Despite the fact that my parents were secular, I knew intuitively as a young girl that there had to be something after this material life. I could not imagine that what made my body function, what made me say what I said, think what I thought and do what I did, would just disappear when my body died. I was convinced that my consciousness would live on. I did not know how, I did not care, but that it would, I knew.
In my college days, I once attended a discussion between Catholic and Protestant students about the afterlife and how to get to heaven. Suddenly I threw in the remark: "You guys keep talking about the afterlife, but if you assume that we live forever, why don't you ever talk about the 'afterlife'?" Where that comment suddenly came from, I didn't really know. I later realized that I was unconsciously ready to embrace the reincarnation theory, which I would not encounter until 10 years later, as being the most logical and meaningful explanation of life on earth.
The beginning of my journey of discovery
In the early 1990s, I first encountered reincarnation theory through Roy Martina's NEI (Neuro-Emotional Integration). It was explained to me that life is a learning school, a "playground" for gaining experiences. This made perfect sense to me:
• All material things decay at some point, in a few million years there will be nothing left of what we are creating now on this earth.
• Life and nature are too beautiful to be meaningless.
This was the beginning of my drive for awareness and my search for the meaning of life: what is the point of all this and how does it really work? I delved more and more into human functioning, especially the interaction between body and mind interested me. I wondered how it was that health and religion had such a close relationship: in all nature peoples the medicine man is also the shaman. For more than 10 years I read all kinds of books related to this matter. I trained as an NEI coach, learned EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and took a course in Universal Energy Giving. NEI is a system where physical problems were solved by identifying and resolving the emotional cause and EFT reduces the emotional charge that certain events or situations have for you. I applied these 3 techniques over several years with family, friends and acquaintances and had amazing results. As a result, it became increasingly clear to me how enormously important beliefs and emotions are to a person's state of health.
My education
Health continued to fascinate me, and in 2005 I started the 4-year training for health consultant. Here I first heard about the work of Dr. Ryke Geert Hamer, who discovered the biological laws of the processes of disease and health. He found, that every disease was caused by emotionally traumatic experiences. I realized, that this doctor had discovered why NEI works and was immediately captivated. More and more I came to the conclusion that body and mind cannot be separated.
I was also introduced to the ideas of the Course in Miracles in my training. According to the Course, all of creation is nothing more than a dream world created to experience separation. We are spiritual beings who are all interconnected and who are now experiencing a material experience of separation. According to the Course, there are only 2 emotions: fear and love, where fear is actually the absence of love. Love creates happiness and health; fear is sickening. A miracle is the transformation of a thought of fear into a thought of love.
In early 2009, due to the commotion over cervical cancer vaccinations, I decided to do a literature review on the positive and negative aspects of vaccinations for my thesis. Two weeks after that, my world shook to its foundations: I discovered that the motivation for vaccination is based solely on profit and power. After airing my outrage for over six months, I decided to change tack. Frustration, anger and feelings of injustice are sickening (biological laws), struggle actually creates more struggle and perpetuates the system (Course in Miracles and Christ Returns), because "what you sow, you will reap." It is important to become aware that things you are told and convinced of are not true. But if they are not true, then what is it like? How can you best deal with this and how can you participate in fundamental change? I decided to focus on that and let go of the struggle.
I know now that first of all the change must take place within you. All of us together create this system, it does not exist outside of us, it is ín us, in our human nature, we are part of it. If you want to change something, you will first have to change yourself. Jealousy, greed, the urge for more: money and other material things, attention, recognition, etc., the idea that you know better what is good for someone else than he does, or that you trust that someone else knows better what is good for you than you do, are the human characteristics that have created this system. If you want to change it, you will have to start with yourself.
I delved further into the biological laws and the Course in Miracles and picked up EFT again. In between courses, I wrote my thesis, which took more and more shape. It eventually became a thesis on the biological laws of nature, placed in the context of vaccinations and is titled "Cause and Meaning of Childhood Illnesses."
It gives a very clear picture of the implications of the biological laws for the diseases being vaccinated for and demonstrates the total nonsense of vaccinations in general. It also discusses the approach to diseases from the biological laws. This is contrary to what is normally done, both mainstream and alternative.
18-09-2020: See also the vaccination for Corona, shocking!
The thesis can be ordered from me by email or through the form below. The paper version costs €26.00 including shipping and the e-book costs €7.50. To get an idea about the content, click here for the table of contents, introduction and conclusion.