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The Magic Hammers Compass

We create both our bodies and our lives, see also Spiology.
Transforming illness goes the same way as transforming difficult situations.
Working with the Hamers Compass, it became increasingly clear to me that it is much more than the mechanism of illness and health. It is also
• the mechanism of creation and manifestation, see the process of creation
• the mechanism of transformation
• the trajectory from unconsciously incompetent to unconsciously competent
• the day-night rhythm
• the rhythm of the year with the 4 seasons
• the menstrual cycle
• the process of conception, pregnancy and birth
• the development of a plant from seed to seed
• making love
• ......
In fact, you can recognize it in everything, in everything that is manifested. Everything is a manifestation of consciousness and has followed the Hamers Compass on its way to visibility.
The Hamers Compass is the rhythm of life, the wave of life....
But the implications of the Hamers Compass also tell you how to deal with everything:
live through everything!
The Importance of Living Through
Just as the Hammer Compass can be found in everything, going through things, feeling them, is the way to deal with everything, both physical complaints and illnesses as well as difficult situations and events.
Many people have had very beautiful experiences with
this, the experiences described are only a very small part of it. I myself have them almost daily.
What happens when you live through things?
• To live on is to heal
• To live on is to heal
• To live on is to let go
• To live on is to process
• To live on is to mourn
• To live on is to make peace with
• To live on is to forgive
• To live on is to remain in love
• To live on is to stay out of the fray
• Living through is a new perception in programming
• To live through is to discover who you are
• ......
Living through = Feeling through
Why does that work and how do you do it?
This will be covered and practiced extensively during the workshop HEEL by LEEF, see also the calendar of live workshops.
Below is the conversation with Francoise and Adelheid about what feeling through has done and still does for them and how they LIVE this every day.
We are creators of LIFE
We not only create our bodies and our own lives....
Quote Christ Returns:
"Before a new world can be created, that which has been previously created in consciousness will first have to be lived through within materialized human experiences."
Also in this quote you recognize the Hamers Compass, the mechanism of creation and manifestation....

Let this sink in for a moment: everything that we as humanity have created in spirit needs to be experienced by us as humanity, to be LIVED, to be lived through....
And we all participate in that, whether we want to or not.
See also "The End of the World" by Barry Long.
We are creators, we have creative powers and by experiencing our own creations, we learn how what we create actually FEELS. Then we can also experience whether our creations are for the benefit of the greater whole, whether they are for the benefit of OURSELVES!
Because ultimately we ourselves are that big picture, everything we create we will ultimately live through ourselves.
It will encourage us to let go of our beaten-down ego and truly create for the benefit of that greater whole. They are our life lessons, teaching us how to become full-fledged Divine co-creators, because what we create IS LIFE!!!
Another quote from Christ Returns:
"The nature, the nature, the essence of the Divine, or universal reality, is LIFE.
When this is active within the individual life forms of creation, it provides growth, it nourishes and cares, it regenerates, it heals, it protects, it ensures survival, it fulfills all the needs of all that has been created - all within a system of perfect harmony, cooperation, order and laws.
This is the character, the essence, of LIFE.
All the work HET does is done in accordance with the Being of the Universal - the promotion of the highest good of all that lives.  That is LOVE"
This is what we ARE:
Loving beings who create LIFE!
Martijn van Staveren has active memories of who we are and talks about them in his lectures, workshops and podcasts. In this too, FEELING is the key, which he frequently mentions.
The implications are mind-boggling!