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Life's Consciousness

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Life's Wisdoms

The way to Wisdom is through Respect, Understanding and Insight
The basis of everything is respect: self-respect, respect for each other and respect for the Earth with all its inhabitants. From respect comes understanding, understanding for each other's needs and the needs of animals and plants
By repeatedly acting from this understanding, it deepens and insight emerges. Once there is insight, one can explain it to others.
Deepening insight ultimately creates wisdom: a deep understanding of the workings of All That IS. This changes your view of life, your attitude to life and your "mind-set."
The biological laws of nature teach you how the mind directs the body. The nine letters from "Christ Returns" tell you how the mind controls Life. The combination gives you a perfect picture of how "THE" works
How does creation work? How do we create our own reality? How do we dream the world into existence? The letters of Christ give a very clear answer to this, and the biological laws tell you how these programs run on the physical plane.
The entire visible universe, the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets including the Earth, as well as the plants, animals and our own bodies are all manifestations of consciousness, everything is consciousness made visible. Drunvalo Melchizedek explains in "The Geometry of Creation" that all matter is surrounded by an electromagnetic field in the form of a star tetrahedron. In Letter 1, Christ explains that expectations, perceptions, beliefs, ideas magnetize electrical particles and form an electromagnetic field. This is the basis of all matter; there is no matter without this field. When the field disappears (e.g. someone dies), the material body disappears. Consciousness, the force of thought forms the field, so it is consciousness that maintains the body, it is consciousness that maintains EVERYTHING. Without consciousness there is no matter, so even a chair, a house, a car and other man-made objects are visibly created consciousness.
The whole process of manifestation consists of 2 parts: the creative phase and the manifestation phase. The creative phase begins with an idea, a plan, a change of belief, an insight. In biological laws, we know this as the Hammer's Compass. We can think of the conflict active phase as the creative phase: the personal interpretation (the idea) of a frightening event, creates in the person in question the perception that his life is in danger. However, this belief, this "idea," only manifests itself at the physical level in the recovery phase, which we can thus see as the manifestation phase. Then it also becomes clear in what way the person experienced the event.
Because here something was created from fear, the manifestation of that idea is something we experience as unpleasant and negative. However, it must be lived through as a human experience because it has already been created in the mind.
The Hammers Compass is not only found in diseases, it applies to everything that is created, whether it is a car, a presentation, an invention, a work of art, or a piece of music. But we also see it in nature, in the various rhythms of life, and in the Mayan Calendar. These creations are the result of inspiration, of enthusiasm, and therefore of love. Therefore, the manifestation of this creates positive emotions, such as happiness, contentment, emotion, joy.
• The city council of a city wants to put up a concert hall; the idea is born. An architect is hired and he looks at the place where it should be and the idea begins to take shape in his mind. When that has matured enough, he begins to draw it out. This is the creative phase. When the design is completely finished, construction can begin. Now begins the actual manifestation of the original idea. The crisis in the Hamers Compass is the culmination of the manifestation: the building is delivered. Now comes the finishing and furnishing, phase B of the Hamers Compass.
• Conception, pregnancy and birth. Conception is the idea of a new baby (see also Anastasia's books). In the first three months the baby is essentially laid out: the creative phase. In months 4 through 9, the baby grows, it is now also visible on the mother's belly: the pregnancy becomes visible, it manifests. Birth is the crisis: the baby comes into the world, the pinnacle of manifestation. The recovery of the woman's body after birth is Phase B of the Hammer Compass. See also the smooth muscles of the uterus.
• The orgasm.
• The seasons. Winter is the creative or preparatory phase. In the cold, the roots of the plants grow so that they are large and strong when the temperature rises and the plants begin to grow. Spring is the beginning of manifestation, which culminates at the end of summer: harvest time. After harvest comes a rest period and the plants lose their leaves, autumn. The following winter, the roots grow again in preparation for the new spring....
The preparation, or creative phase, is usually invisible, but on closer examination something does happen on the material level. However, it only becomes outwardly visible in the manifestation phase. This principle is further elaborated in the process of creation.
The nine letters of Christ explain very clearly how consciousness manifests itself in many areas. In the "Quotes" of the various letters I quote pieces that are very important and insightful to me and give my interpretation of them. I read the letters in English and therefore give the quotes in English. For me the letters have become a bible, there are so many words of wisdom in them and it is so recognizable, it cannot be anything but true. The more often you read them, the deeper the understanding and insights become. Each time you reread a piece is another step forward on the
"Road to Wisdom"
That which the letters tell us is also reflected by Gregg Braden in his "Power of the Subconscious Mind," and Barry Long explains how to put it into practice.
There are also several doctors who have discovered this and in very different ways:
Dr. Lissa Rankin: Mind over Medicine
Dr. Ghislaine Lancôt: Free Rein to the Soul
Dr. Eben Alexander in conversation with Jacobine Geel: There is Life After This Life
Enjoy reading and enjoy this process of awareness!