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Course in miracles

The "Course in Miracles," like the 9 letters of Christ from "Christ Returns," is a body of thought that provides insight into the meaning of our existence. Understanding the teachings of this way of thinking puts into perspective the importance of events here on earth and gives us tools to help release fear thoughts. These fear thoughts underlie the emotional shocks, which are the cause of the disease processes, detailed by the biological laws of nature. The "Course in Miracles" provides insight into the meaning of life and answers such questions as:
• To what did life come into being?
• Why am I on this earth?
• What is my task in life?
• Why are so many terrible things happening right now?
The "Course" explains the "why" of the creation of the universe and life on earth, its meaning, what our task is, and why things happen here the way they do. It uses Christian terminology for this purpose, which can cause confusion without explanation, because over the last 2,000 years the true meaning of the terms, as Jesus intended them, has been changed and distorted.
Gary Renard's book "The Disappearance of the Universe" is a very good introduction to "The Course." Gary's site does compare "The Course" to a can and "The Disappearance of the Universe" to an opener. For me, it did indeed work that way and I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the subject matter.
The main messages of "The Course" are:
• The universe originated from the thought, "what if there were separation, if I could go on individually, what would that be like?" This thought was behind the Big Bang, in which time and space were created. Everyone experiences separation in this material life: we are separated in time and in space. Gaining this experience is the purpose of our life.
• It is not GOD who created the universe, but ourselves. We belong to the part of the mind in which the above thought originated and have wondered what "being separated" would feel like. We experience this every day; it is the answer to our prayer.
• There are only 2 emotions: love and fear. Love belongs to the cosmos, fear belongs to the earth. Fear arose with our choice of duality and our descent into matter, when we were truly separated from the whole. Fear is not necessary in the cosmos, because there we are part of the AL, which is LOVE.
• The separation is an illusion, it does not really exist. Our real existence is still with GOD, this separation is a sham, it exists only to make us have these experiences, this life is only a dream.
• The events on earth are our reaction to all kinds of fear thoughts. Through matter we try to obtain the certainty that we unconsciously remember from our cosmic existence. The emotional charge we give to a particular event only says something about our own perception of the world. It is a reflection of the degree to which we are controlled by thoughts of fear.
• A "Miracle" occurs, when a person can transform a fear thought into a love thought, hence the name "Course in Miracles." The analogy with Christ Returns is: the forces of bonding and repulsion inspired by the Love of your Soul rather than by the fears of earthly beliefs.
This transformation is the purpose of our existence and is the way back to our origin.
The "Course in Miracles" is our way of life.