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Life's Consciousness

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Personal Consciousness

Your experience is the result of your own concoctions
Kiesha Crowther: it is none of your business what other people think of you....
(It is none of your business how others think about you...)
General: Your beliefs manifest
Inca shamans: We dream our world into existence
Christ wise: Everything in the universe is made visible consciousness
Each person has their own unique beliefs, perceptions and expectations. These develop after conception based on individual interpretation of all that is experienced, both before and after birth. This is unique to everyone, even identical twins. It makes, that we all have our own unique perceptions in everything that happens to us. It makes you who you are, your character, the things you like, the things you can't stand, and it creates your themes.
Christ-like: At conception, a fusion takes place between the (earthly) consciousness of the father, the consciousness of the mother and a piece of Universal Consciousness, which you could call the "Holy Spirit." This piece of Universal Consciousness is connected to All That IS, it controls every cell in your body, and it makes sure that the alliance of all those cells that make up YOU functions perfectly. In other words, it makes sure that you LIVE. In this is also the old soul pain, including unprocessed traumas from past lives and the information about the "Purpose" of this life. It has nothing Earthly in it; it comes from the source from which all life originates.The consciousness of the father and mother is Earthly in character. It contains their interpretation of all the experiences they have gone through, it gives you their view of the world, and it is the starting point of your coming Earth life.
From this foundation develops your Earth Consciousness, the themes you struggle with, your insights, the level of confidence you have and your reactions to situations and events. Most of this "forming process" takes place before your second year of life but character changing events can occur later as well. Everything that happens to you makes sense and has to do with the "purpose" of your life or life's mission. Even though we often do not understand why something has to happen to us, nothing happens to you for nothing, everything has its reason.
So it is your character and your unprocessed themes that determine how you react to people and events. Especially at a later age, this has little to do with what people do to you or what happens to you, your reaction to it is "programmed" in those first years of life and now form more of a message about yourself and how you interpret things. If something bothers you, you will experience a "negative" emotion. If you have no trouble with something, then it is not an issue for you and often you will not even notice it.
Many try to modify their behavior to be seen, gain approval, meet the expectations of others, etc. But this striving is the result of OWN conditioning and not what someone else expects of them. Often these beliefs were created by their own interpretation of something mom or dad said or did, but they never intended it that way.
Some examples:
• Mom is busy with her sick little son. His slightly older sister wants to help, but she is too small there and it's just not possible at that moment. Mommy pushes her aside and says, "Not right now, girl." This can be experienced as rejection, giving the little sister the conviction, "Mommy doesn't love me." This belief is then confirmed for her over and over again, in everything Mommy does or says, whatever her intention.
• At her birth, Grandma says, "Ah, it's a golden hair!" She takes that as rejection, because in a past life she was bullied with her red hair, which gave her the belief that people, who make comments about her red hair, do not like her. This now creates the belief that Oma does not like her. No matter what Oma does and no matter how hard she denies it, her granddaughter cannot be dissuaded from this.
This shows, that it doesn't matter what anyone does to you or what they say about or to you. You give everything meaning from your own world of experience. If you are sensitive to something someone says or does and it touches one of your unprocessed themes, then it will come in very hard and you will have a problem with it. If it is not a theme for you, then you will not even notice it, even if the people who said or did it had the intention of belittling you.
So stop adapting and stop trying to change your behavior to be approved or appreciated. The idea that you will not be, comes from YOUR world of experience and has nothing to do with the other person. Conversely, if the other does not like you or does not approve of you, it comes entirely from his world of experience and you have no influence on it, no matter how hard you try.
Our entire experiential world is the result of our own concoctions.
Communication is nothing more than an exchange of concoctions. Good communication is based on a mutual respect for each other's concoctions. This creates understanding for each other, the first step on the Road to Wisdom.So it's really none of your business how another person thinks about you....