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Current way of working

Currently, I focus mainly on giving lectures, workshops, theme days and practical days on the biological laws of nature, live and online. Since the functioning of the body is analogous to the functioning of Life, all workshops include many spiritual insights. These insights are very important to properly deal with the implications of the biological laws of nature. Regarding this "bigger picture," I am especially inspired by the 9 letters from the book "Christ Returns," the Tun Calendar of the Maya and the teachings of Barry Long.
Through a deep understanding of the functioning of Everything IS, this combination gives people the ability to let go of their fears to a great extent and take responsibility for their own health and their lives.
Sometimes I give people individual training sessions to help them get a picture of their individual situation. I strive to give them understanding and insight into the biological programs that are running in them personally, how to interpret them differently, how to view the situation they are in differently, and how to feel through all aspects of both the symptoms and the situation. This is also the subject of the workshop HEEL by LIVE, in which, using the Hamers Compass and the Spiology it is explained why it works this way. Participants are also practiced in feeling through and living through complaints and symptoms so that they do not form a new conflict.
Events and situations are also felt and lived through, so that one discovers what the biological association of the body is. This is usually much more intense than one might superficially think.
What I teach evolves as fast as I do, every workshop and every lecture is different from the one before. Under activities you can read more about this and under agenda you can find the lectures and workshops planned so far. If it appeals to you, you are most welcome.
Throughout the site there are several videos where I give a short, verbal explanation of a particular topic. These video messages are put together on the same page where there are also a few interviews.
There is also an English-language presentation that can be listened to and viewed online.