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Christ Returns

This book consists of 9 letters passed on by Jesus to a woman in South Africa, his "taker." You can download them from the "Christwise" site.
It is the story of a rebellious young man, who rebels against the entire system of the time and in particular against his mother and the Jewish faith. During his baptism in the Jordan, something very extraordinary happens and without consciously knowing what he is doing, he stumbles into the desert. He is there for 6 weeks and during that time he receives visions about the mechanism and truth of creation and how we are all in control of it. He sees that there is another reality and that we are living in a self-created illusion:
• All matter consists of a flicker of tiny dust, on which our mind exerts influence. Nothing is really solid matter.
• Each living body consists of hundreds of communities of infinitesimal entities, working together in complete harmony to produce the completed entity (cells). Each cell is a form of consciousness.
• Life and consciousness are one and the same, life is consciousness, consciousness is life.
• Thoughts, beliefs and expectations magnetize electrical particles and form an electromagnetic field. This is the basis of all matter. Every body, organ, cell and particle of matter is surrounded by an electromagnetic field: the star tetrahedron. Without this field, there is no matter. Our deepest inner fears and beliefs are the true creators of our personal world.
• The 9 laws of existence, which apply to everything created. Each individual entity grows and develops, is nourished and/or cared for, is protected, heals and has all its needs met. All this happens in complete harmony and always has the highest interest of the greater whole in mind. This is an established fact; those who do not observe this create karma. We must observe these laws as "co-creators" if we are not to destroy ourselves.
• The impulses of manifestation are:
- Father-activity: intelligence, intention, plans, ideas, manifestation drive, and
- Mother-love: intention, material manifestation, ensures execution of plans.
• The forces of bonding and repulsion are part of the mother impulse. These determine what you like, like or enjoy, and what you don't, who you are attracted to and who you are not. It determines your individuality.
• The Ego: its function and pitfalls. The Ego is the guardian of individuality and consists of the forces of bonding and repulsion.
• These are inspired from the Soul (= love) and the Earthly Ego (= fear). For most of us, the proportion of the Earthly Ego is much greater and this must be redirected.
• Our task on earth: to transcend earthly ego forces and give expression to God.
• What happens spiritually during the sexual act and conception. During conception, the father's consciousness meets the mother's consciousness and a small piece of universal consciousness is attracted: the Soul.
• How to live according to the Universal Laws of Existence. Everything starts with respect: respect the opinions and views of others at all times and make sure you respect the 9 laws of existence in everything you do. For this, be inspired by your Soul.
• The importance of meditation and prayer, through this you get in touch with your feelings, your Soul.
• Our creative power: You create your own beliefs and expectations, consciously or unconsciously. Change your beliefs and expectations and you will have a different life.
The letters were written in a language I could understand. By reading, rereading, pondering and meditating on the letters, I could really begin to feel what Jesus meant. The wisdom in this book gives me the same feeling as the knowledge of biological laws: I don't have to worry, I am being taken care of, this is a cosmic law of existence. All is well and fear is really unnecessary:
"We don't have a care in the world!" (We have nothing to worry about).
More detailed information and personal explanation and interpretation can be found in the "quotes" from the first 2 letters under life wisdom.
I found many parallels with the Course in Miracles, as well as with Anastasia, Kiesha Crowther and the Inca Shamans. Jaap Hiddinga's books are also very enlightening. They are simply written and depict what takes place "behind the scenes" in the spiritual world while we live our physical lives on this earth. Below are a few videos where the principles of creation and how it happens are explained very clearly:
• Gregg broiling in "Power of the Subconscious Mind,
• Barry Long in all his presentations.
I myself have worked this out in my way and displayed it under the process of creation. Self-help guidelines also use the Hammer Compass as a process of manifestation.