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Online workshop "Bio-Logic Behavior and Character"

Short description of the content of the different days and of each video part.
Each day of the live workshop is divided into 4 parts in the online workshop.
The days of the live workshops are also listed below to clarify the connection between the two.

Day 1: mechanism of impacts

  • Part 1: IntroductionChanges in behavior play out in the active phase and thus form an intergalactic component of the hammer Compass. It is insecurities in the immediate living environment that cause you to adapt so that you can carry out your role in the "herd". Insecurities or compulsion to a role that does not suit you give rise to fears of not being allowed to belong to the flock, which can express themselves in different ways.
    Here you can deal more in the same way as you learned in the basic workshop: feeling and relaxing, the live Protocol.
    The themes and organs associated with the territory relays and the behavioral changes that arise in the event of an impact.
  • Part 2: mechanism of the first impact.
    Behavior change at the first impact in the territory area. The importance of sex and dexterity and the onset of mania and depression.
    Although one will recognize a lot, this is not yet a reality. We will see the reality in Day 2, when we discuss the constellations.
  • Part 3: exercises and the 2nd impact
    What happens at the first impact? This is a part where you are mainly practicing with what you have learned to deal with it in a different way, to let it sink in better and to let it become more your own.
    We conclude with a brief introduction to the mechanism of the 2nd Impact and its consequences: Libra, rapid behavioral changes, bi-polar disorder.
  • Part 4: further consequences and hormone status
    The maturation stop and the stop of conflict mass build-up and its importance for the functioning of groups and herds.
    Mechanism of impact: exercises
  • Hormone status: everything comes to naught!

Day 2: Constellations

  • Part 5: autism and mythological Constellation
    Definition of constellations. Comprehensive discussion of autism with all its consequences and implications: degrees, how it arises, Character Traits, Talents, pitfalls, manic and depressive form.
    Mythological constellation: origin, character, talents and pitfalls, manic and depressive form.
    The enormous importance of safety, exercises and cases.
  • Part 6: Horizontal Constellations
    Hovering constellation, postmortem constellation with nymphomania and Cassanova mania, aggressive constellation and incontinence: Genesis, character, talents and pitfalls, manic and depressive form.
    Application of the live protocol, exercises, cases.
  • Part 7: behavioral changes when going through Hammers Compass
    Territorial conflicts can also be resolved and the different phases include different patterns of behavior, which again depend on the constellation and which part of it has been resolved.
    Possible influence of medication and antidepressants.
    The meaning and dangers of the crisis: a violent revival of the original conflict.
    Automutilation, (self)killing.
  • Part 8: constellations outside the Territory Area
    Discussion of the constellations outside the territory area:
    - Brainstem constellations: confusion
    - Renal collecting duct constellation: confusion and disorientation
    - Small brain constellation: emotionlessness
    - Constellation in the white matter of the cerebrum: megalomania
    - Other constellations in the Red Group: persecution mania, frontal anxiety, powerlessness

Day 3: integration of Psyche and organs

  • Part 9: more than 2 impacts
    Discussion of the 3rd and next weft, which again go according to a different principle. Exercises, implications, cases.
    Gradually, the picture unfolds of the incredibly large number of possibilities that can cause changes in behavior and character. Profession, hobbies, relationships, choice of place of residence and vacation, etc. are also related to this.
  • Part 10: programs in the relevant organs
    Overview of the course of programs in the involved organs, symptoms and understanding the story of the body: analysis theme and stage.
    Discussion of the sensitivity schemes schemes and where they occur in the territory area, exercises, cases.
  • Part 11: consequences when solving constellations
    Constellations also change when a certain conflict is resolved, which in turn can entail a change in behavior or character. The importance of stopping conflict mass build-up for the leadership of groups and herds.
    Detailed discussion of the programs of bronchi, larynx, liver and rectum. The onset of asthma, bulimia, stuttering, anorexia and menstrual disorders.
  • Part 12: The Heart
    The heart is one of the most complex organs with programs controlled by each cotyledon. Tissues controlled by the brainstem and cerebellum with The Associated complaints and symptoms. The course of the programs is controlled by the white matter of the cerebrum and the cortex and with the different types of heart attacks in crisis.
    Cases, exercises.

Day 4: Get To Know Yourself

  • Part 13: working with the practice set
    Repetition of the essence of the workshop by working with an exercise set and/or a quiz.  This gives an overview and shows you that you have remembered more of it than you think!
  • Part 14: some more constellations and a wonderful case study using a CT scan of the brain. Now the added value of knowledge of the program in the brain becomes clear and the talent, what the constellations give you, becomes obvious.
    In this case, if you are going to fix something, would it have a positive or rather a negative effect?
  • Part 15: working in groups in break-out rooms.
    To prepare: make a list of which constellations you recognize in yourself. What talents and what pitfalls do they give you and in what circumstances can you recognize them?
    Conversation in the break-out rooms: discuss the list you made with your fellow student and see if you can discover anything else you haven't seen yet.
  • Part 16: the live protocol.
    Origin and principles of the LEEF protocol. Wonderful case where you can perfectly recognize different biological programs and crises. Impressive how it works!


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