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Spiology is the combination of Biology and Spirituality:
• Spiritual Biology or
• Biological Spirituality
It also aims to LIVE the combination, so spiritual insights themselves EXPERIENCE by living them through, through and with your body here on Earth. Then, in fact, it is no longer spirituality either, but one's own experiences. That starts with understanding; by applying this understanding of things in the daily practice of life, you gain more and more insights and by applying those insights over and over again in different situations, you evolve towards wisdom.
And with that we go through a Hamers Compass over and over again, that magical Hamers Compass, the rhythm of life, the wave of life, the creation mechanism of LIFE....
Spiritual insights explain the things that happen to you in life. More and more people feel that there is more to the visible reality and are delving into the invisible, in which everything has a function:
• Nothing happens for nothing, everything has a reason
• You are the creator are of your own life
• Beliefs manifest.
Most situations involve multiple people, so situations are the result of the beliefs of multiple people, which come together in that situation. So situations in life are the result of collective beliefs on a smaller or larger scale: events between partners, family members, families, in a neighborhood or village, a country or the whole world.
We are participants, not observers....
Biological laws of nature
Biological insights explain the physical things that happen to you.
The beauty here is that the BN in facts tell the same thing:
• Your body does nothing for nothing, every wart, spot, complaint and symptom has a reason, because
• You are the creator of your own body, with all its details, perfections and imperfections.
• It is your beliefs that manifest on the physical level in the form of good or not so good "health."
This concerns YOUR body, it is all about YOU, no one else has anything to do with it. So complaints and symptoms are the result of your personal, individual beliefs.
These are Dr. Hamer's themes.
Thus, the body and biological laws of nature are analogous to Life and cosmic laws.
Spiology is the amalgamation of the words spirituality and biology.
• Biology is tremendously spiritual: consider what a huge "factory" your body is, with its 50 trillion cells and the thousands of reactions per second in each cell! Who or what can control something so awe-inspiring so perfectly? See also the video "What is your Body?"
• If spirituality is not lived through, if it is not experienced here in the daily practice of LIFE, then it remains an idea, a belief, a story....
Spiology is the pursuit of deep, inner wisdom about yourself and Life, so that you can truly "Live Confidently" and be the conscious creator of your complaint-free body and your life.
Conscious creator
The body
Creating your symptom-free body is about overcoming your personal fears and limiting beliefs. Past traumas, both your own and those of your ancestors and those from past lives, can create many unconscious fears and limiting beliefs. There are many methods to gain insight into this and Dr. Hamer's themes provide a wonderful entry point.
Your life touches the lives of others and together we create our Life, the situations and events that comprise a larger or smaller group. Through our bodies we have learned to create that which is convenient to ourselves. You could say that our body represents our ego. This can be a healthy ego or a "blown through" ego that has little or no regard for others. We are then completely caught up in our survival mechanisms, see also the workshop Bio-Logic of Behavior and Characterlive or online.
But as creator of your Life, you must also take into account the Life of others: you must create for the highest good of all that Lives, or at least for the highest good of all life forms that touch Your Life. Only then have you truly become a Divine Co-creator. So then you may certainly let go of that beaten-down piece of ego....
How do you do that?
Barry Long
Every thought, wish, perception, desire, idea, etc. is a creative energy, it is like a prayer and the Universe answers every prayer. But are you big enough, intelligent enough, wise enough, loving enough to determine what is good for the greater good?
If you pray
for something, are you willing to take PERSONAL responsibility for ALL the consequences of answering that prayer, not just the consequences for you, but for those of everyone else, for those of the greater whole?
Example: a child says an evening prayer for her Grandma to get better.
Is it "best for the greater good that Grandma continues to live or, on the contrary, is it best for the greater good that Grandma dies? If the latter, and the prayer is answered, what are the consequences? Perhaps Granny is a very wise person and is needed in the beyond as someone's guide, perhaps as her grandchild's guide.... What are the consequences if that cannot happen? What kind of domino effect does that have on the bigger picture?
Barry Long says: you are a human being, so you pray. Pray that this way, "
I free you from my opinions, I free you from my wants and desires, just love you. I love Life, I you of Life in you, I love you."
Pray without wishes or desires, that is the essence of "Thy Will be done."
These words are part of the audio: "The End of the World."
Let the Universe lead

The Universe creates for the benefit of the greater whole. I try to follow its guidance by being aware of that big picture and that my wish or what I want to achieve may not be the best thing for it. Therefore, I do not fill in the "how" of my wish or what I want to achieve at all, I leave that very consciously with the Universe and I always add: "only if it is also best for the greater good."
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