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The Biological Laws of Nature

The two videos below are a short introduction of nearly 7 minutes and an interview, conducted by Silvia of HealYourselfConnection, respectively, in which I talk for nearly an hour more about the workings of the biological laws of nature.
After that, you can read a bit more about it:
• The essence of the biological laws of nature
• The origin of physical problems according to the biological laws of nature
• The crisis in the healing phase
• Psychological problems
• How to act on biological laws
• The power of the mind
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The essence of the biological laws of nature
The biological laws of nature provide insight into the far-reaching link between body and mind. They explain in great detail the connection between the emotional experience of an event and the subsequent process, of which illness is a part. These insights were discovered and described by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer in the late 1970s. Dr. Hamer gave his views several designations: New Medicine, New Germanic Medicine, Germanic Medicine. Currently, he calls it simply "Heelkunde" (German: Heilkunde). The name "medicine" or "heelkunde" implies a form of therapy or a method of treatment, and Dr. Hamer himself, of course, as a physician, has given it a very good interpretation.
But most of us are not doctors, so we cannot work that way on the basis of the biological laws. We will have to find another way, because the laws in themselves do not cure: they explain how diseases arise and how healing takes place, and if one has a combination of very violent processes, it also becomes clear why and why one sometimes does not survive. They are essentially a totally different basic medical knowledge, which explains the natural urge to survive in all organisms and can be the starting point for approaching and guiding the (sick) human being.
My main interest is to understand as deeply as possible how our body functions biologically. Therefore I just want to talk about the Biological Laws, which I see as (part of) the TRUTH, without linking a certain way of living or healing to it. Everyone can decide for themselves how to deal with them.
The origin of physical problems according to the biological laws of nature
Every illness is the result of an event that affects you emotionally, for example, an unexpected layoff, a comment that you felt was very hurtful, a death of a loved one.
With such an event, one first of all faces a stress phase. In this one generally has a lot of energy: the problem must be solved and the body jumps to your aid. That our body takes action to this end, we are usually not aware, we continue doing what needs to be done and often cannot think of anything else. We can't sleep at night because of it, we get up with it and go to bed with it. Only when it is resolved can we relax again and then we become ill: now the measures, which the body has taken in the stress phase to help us resolve the problem as quickly as possible, are undone. In the vernacular we then say: the stress comes out. That's exactly what happens: the stress still has to get out of the body, and that's why we get sick. It is the discharge, the de-stressing.... This process is represented by the Hammer Compass, see figure below.
Everything starts with the impact, the Dirk Hammer Syndrome (DHS). This is the individual's emotional interpretation of the traumatic event.
Now follows the stress phase, colored red in the figure, in which the body steps in to deal with the potentially life-threatening situation. In animals you then see the fight or flight response, which is literally physically demanding: the body needs the extra energy to be able to flee or fight. With us humans it is less obvious, because we get stressed by certain prospects, e.g., an impending layoff. Physically fighting or fleeing is pointless, but in the mind there is stress and the body cannot give any reaction other than the biological one. It associates the stress with a certain life-threatening theme in nature (being separated from the herd, being attacked, lack of water or food, fleeing for survival) and takes the measures that offer the best chance of survival in that situation.
When the situation is resolved, the measures are no longer necessary and the body returns to its original state. It recovers from the efforts and we get tired and possibly sick: we start to heal. This is the green part in the figure.

So being sick is the second part of the process, and it is actually the healing phase, in which the tissues involved are repaired. This happens in a moist environment: water is retained and swelling occurs. This happens in any healing process: anyone who has ever sprained their foot knows that the ankle can swell up quite a bit at first.
When you begin to delve into the biological laws and apply them more and more in your life, the scope of this totally different attitude to life becomes really clear to you. Diseases are no longer a threat; on the contrary, it is a good sign, because you have resolved something. You start to recognize yourself and you get a much better understanding of your own functioning and the functioning of others. You can start to laugh at yourself, it's unimaginable how small things can still affect you and cause a cold or flu a moment later. You also start to see that the calmness and confidence, with which you observe your body's processes, makes everything happen much faster and less violently. For example, a sprained ankle used to take at least 3 weeks, the last time I sprained it severely, it took 2 days, I was really amazed.... Overuse and sports injuries disappear remarkably quickly if you understand the healing process and how to mentally support this process, see overused tendons and sports injuries.
Sometimes you think things are really processed, but they are not. By getting sick, your body lets you know that you have indeed now resolved something and you can take it as a really good sign. My "Measles" from early 2013 was a great example of this.
The crisis in the healing phase
So during the first part of the healing phase, the PCL Phase A, swelling occurs. When the repair is nearly complete, the high point (or low point) in the healing phase presents itself: the healing crisis or epileptoid crisis (EC). This is a brief but intense moment of stress in which fluid is expelled. Since all tissues are nourished by blood, there may also be blood in this fluid. In a process in the bladder, blood may now be found in the urine. If something has run in the intestines, there may be blood in the stool, and if a process has run in the lungs, one may cough up blood. One may also feel somewhat dizzy, have muscle cramps or experience chills and cold sweats. This is part of the process and again, nothing goes wrong.
Furthermore, the original event with all its emotions can come back to the memory for a while, one can dream about it, for example, or deal with it again in one's mind, feel the annoyance, fear, anger, again. I see it as a kind of ultimate test: are you really over it? Have you really resolved it? If so, it won't bother you much anymore and will pass quickly. But if you become anxious again, are afraid that it will happen to you again, or are very frightened by the physical symptoms, then you can relapse and the process can start all over again. This is the mechanism of chronic diseases, called "pending cures."
After the healing crisis, the symptoms diminish and the body returns to its normal health: the situation is mentally and physically integrated and one is an experience richer.
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Psychological problems
Besides understanding physical "problems," the biological laws also offer you the opportunity to gain insight into your emotions and behaviors. Things that you cannot stand, that make you angry, sad or anxious, are the result of impacts and belong to the conflict active phase, they are your survival strategies. These can also be looked at: have you always had them? If not, when and at what event did they arise and when are they triggered now? Sometimes they stem from "past lives" or are perceptions of parents or ancestors. This means that you were born with a heightened sensitivity to these events or situations, and then you need to dig deeper. Resolving active survival strategies is more difficult than "solving" physical problems, after all, they do not need to be "solved" because physical problems are the result of the solution.... So this also means that you can get sick after treatment from a good therapist, where you have gained insight into what is going on with you. If you get sick the night after, the link to the session is generally not made and you go to the doctor or take a homeopathic remedy to heal, when, in reality, you are healing. No "awareness" comes up this way and that's a shame, it's a missed opportunity
How to act on biological laws
Almost all therapies aim to counteract the symptoms of this healing phase, both regular and alternative. Every therapy, every treatment originated from the "old" medical paradigm, in which diseases were seen as something that goes wrong, something that should not be.
On the contrary, the biological laws tell you that when you get sick, nothing goes wrong; on the contrary, it goes in the right direction: the situation is resolved or you no longer experience it as a problem. A disease does not have to be cured; it IS the cure. However, it may be necessary to guide the healing properly. These are sometimes intense processes that do not go away by themselves.
So a disease does not have to be fought, but must be understood and lived through. This makes, that the implications of the biological laws are actually diametrically opposed to current views and that therapies, as we know them today, are placed in a different light. Nevertheless, to accompany the healing phase, they can mean a lot, provided the therapist is willing to make these laws his own and start working on the basis of them. He will begin to apply his therapies differently, and the knowledge of the biological laws will make him focus more on coaching.
Your body is the physical materialization of your consciousness in matter, it is your consciousness that is made visible. The universe strives for growth of consciousness, see also the "Creation Process," so if you become aware of why you have certain symptoms, then they have fulfilled their function and disappear after a short time. If that does not happen, you have not yet become aware of all aspects and you must continue your search. So after resolving things that made you stuck, you may become ill, and in severe cases this can be a process which in current views is labeled as fatal, for example cancer. Yet in the majority of cases this is also a healing, fierce, but nevertheless a healing. For people who have studied and made biological laws their own before becoming ill, this is recognizable and they will usually be able to live through the disease process in peace and confidence. Only in a limited number of cases will intervention be necessary. Preventing anxiety through understanding and insight is the greatest power of the biological laws. The motto is thus:
Immerse yourself in the workings of the biological laws of nature while you are still healthy!
If you are confronted with a serious illness (= solution) and you do not yet know anything about the biological laws, it often becomes difficult. Unconsciously there are already so many impacts and processes at work, that only understanding the main process certainly does not offer a solution. If you hear about the biological laws, recognize them and want to do something with them, then it is very important that you start working on yourself to let go of as many conscious and unconscious fears as possible. After all, all processes begin with some form of fear, fear of not surviving the situation.  A "cancer" diagnosis is such a situation, and the fear caused by it contributes greatly to new processes, often called "metastases." Understanding your own process through biological laws can then be a tremendous support and can help reduce the ferocity of follow-up conflicts and in some cases even prevent them.
With us humans, our fears are often unreal, they are the result of perceptions and beliefs that are not based on truth, and so it is safe to let them go. To succeed in this requires growth in consciousness, with first understanding, "Why is it that this situation has caused me so much pain?" Then comes insight into how this came about and in what other situations you have used this survival mechanism. Then comes wisdom, allowing you to truly and permanently let go of this particular fear. See also life wisdom.
The Letters of Christ are very clear: you manifest your own conscious and unconscious beliefs, you therefore manifest your own fears. Rest and trust bring healing, the body is made for that, it is one of the 9 cosmic laws of existence, a natural characteristic of the visible Universe. The biological laws of nature reflect this.
The power of the mind
But.... fear is fear. If the implications of the biological laws scare you, if you see them as dangerous, irresponsible or unbelievable, let them go and choose your own path. Because again: the biological laws are not a method of treatment or therapy; they explain how the mind controls the body. Through these insights, a lot of fears can dissolve and therefore knowledge and understanding of the biological laws can have a very great therapeutic value. But the individual level of therapeutic value depends on the degree of insight, understanding and confidence of the person concerned and for that is different for everyone!
So at all times do that which gives you the most confidence and then go for it with all your heart!  The following story, told to me by a nurse, illustrates how important this is:
In a room were 10 people who were all receiving chemo. One man had no side effects at all; everyone else, on the other hand, did. The doctor was surprised at this and asked the man what he did differently from the rest. He replied, "But doctor, you told me that the chemo eats my bad cells and makes me healthy again. So I welcomed it as my boyfriend!"
Your mind is able to transform much of the "junk" you ingest into something that helps if you "know" it to be so. Conversely, your mind is also capable of transforming good things into something unhealthy if you are subconsciously convinced that it is bad for you. Consider allergies to certain fruits. Below is an experience story that illustrates this very nicely:
A young woman was hyper allergic to apples; she could not even be in the same room with an apple. It was obvious that the apple represented a great danger to her, and her body was warning her about it. But why did it do that?
In an EFT session, the cause of this belief emerged: as a 2-year-old child, she had heard the fairy tale of Snow White and it had come in hard. It had convinced her that apples could be very dangerous and her body still warned her when an apple was near.... Once she realized this, this conviction dissolved immediately and she could eat apples.
So always do the thing you have faith in and do it with all your heart. Do you believe you will heal if you eat Aloe Vera, eat Aloe Vera. Do you believe in acupuncture, go to the acupuncturist. Believe in the doctor, go to the doctor. If only your faith is strong enough, it will become a reality, see also this extraordinary experience story.
In the meantime, you can work on your consciousness growth, because every illness and mental problem is a manifestation of your own (un)conscious beliefs. Change your beliefs and your world will change, including your health. If you have no interest in that or don't believe in it, that's okay too. Everyone has their own way to go and that should be respected. No one can say why something is the way it is, everything has a bigger picture, everything has its reason, everything is OK.
That realization brings an enormous peace: you don't have to fight or be afraid of anything anymore, even if that seems logical from our Earthly point of view. You do need to change things and act, but don't do that from anger and through fighting, do it by acting from Love and Compassion. Strive to find Love and Compassion within yourself and inspire others to do the same. Change the world, start with yourself!
Dr. Hamer is not the only one who has discovered the real processes of disease and health; there are more doctors. Here is a great presentation by an awake physician: Dr. Lissa Rankin: Mind over medicine
For detailed information on the physical programs according to the biological laws of nature, see How Mind Drives the Body.
If you have any questions or comments about the biological laws, please contact me using the form below. Thank you.