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Creation process

The Hammer's Compass as Mechanism of Creation
When I started studying the book "Christ Returns," it dawned on me that these insights were analogous to the insights of biological laws and related to a much bigger picture: all of life and the process of creation. Essentially, the bottom line is that the physical processes are a reflection of what is happening on a much larger scale, and so we as humans can experience the process of creation through the manifestation of diseases. But if this is so, it means that the Hammer Compass can be applied to all areas of the visible universe.
Christ Returns says: expectations, perceptions, beliefs, thoughts, ideas magnetize electrical particles, forming an electromagnetic field. Everything in the visible universe is electromagnetic in nature. All matter is surrounded by and permeated by an electromagnetic field. The most light energies are electromagnetic in nature, for example, light and X-rays. Without this electromagnetic field, which originates in consciousness or thought force, there is no matter. When a person's electromagnetic field disappears, or consciousness withdraws from the body, the person dies and the body decomposes. It is consciousness that makes the body function and holds it together.
This is also discussed in "The Geometry of Creation" by Drunvalo Melchizedek and quantum physics has discovered that matter arises from "nothing" and that "consciousness" or "thought force" is the driving factor.
Life is consciousness made visible in matter, or in other words all life forms, including "non-living" matter such as sand, a chair, a car. are consciousness made visible, because everything is surrounded by an electromagnetic field.
Everything initially arises as an idea in the mind; without this idea, nothing happens. Then the creative phase begins: one works out the idea in detail, it takes " solid forms" in the mind. Shortly after this, the manifestation phase will often begin; the idea now literally takes solid forms. The crisis is the pinnacle of manifestation: the idea is completed and presented to the world. Depending on the type of project, the final actions are now performed: clearing away the materials used, cleaning, evaluation. Then the idea is put into use, distributed, sold and the first experiences are made with original idea. These experiences will create new ideas and the circle is complete.
The Hamers Compass below shows this process of creation. These are basically manifestations from passion and enthusiasm and thus from love.





Diseases are the result of an impact, an idea about a certain event from fear: this is unpleasant, this hurts, this scares me, this I will not survive. Therefore, the manifestations of these "ideas" or perceptions will be unpleasant, painful or frightening, and sometimes one really has the impression: this I will not survive, this will kill me. The impact is a sudden change of consciousness, which manifests itself immediately, but usually unnoticed, in the body.
The symptoms of the disease generally awaken and revive the perception of the impact. Understanding this process of creation is an excellent tool for finding out what the person's unconscious perceptions and limiting beliefs are. This can be worked on to "overcome" the disease. The Hamers Compass then proceeds naturally and the disease will disappear.
Christ returns letter 1: When "Life" or "Consciousness" is active in the individual life forms it provides growth, nourishment, care, protection, healing and meeting all the needs of each individual. GENEZING is part of the cosmic laws of creation, the only thing that can prevent it is the human mind. By its own creative ability, it can traverse cosmic creation. Man is truly created in the image of God. So: have faith and come "out of it." Then "Life," and thus the body, can do the work it is supposed to do: heal.
A disease process begins by having certain fear-idea. Having gone through this process consciously, you have overcome this particular fear both mentally and physically. You understand that it is not necessary, that you can trust yourself and the cosmos. By doing this, you are helping to get a piece of fear out of the world and give it a little more confidence.
Examples of the creation process from passion, enthusiasm, love:
Building a house
• The idea of building a new house is the beginning. If this is not thought of, the ok will never come about.
• Thought is given to the house, the place where it should be, and drawings are made: the creative phase.
• An architect will work out the drawings and when they are ready, a contractor will be hired. The deed is done; this is the beginning of the manifestation phase.
• The land is prepared for construction, the foundations are laid and the house is built: the manifestation phase.
• When finished, it will be delivered, the pinnacle of the event.
• The garden is laid out, the house is decorated and the residents move in. The manifestation is complete, the full Hammer's compass has been run through.
• You can now experience what it is like to live in this house and enjoy it.
Making a presentation
• Idea for a topic to present
• Elaboration in the head
• The powerpoint is created: it manifests itself. This involves going back to the idea all the time to verify that it is clear, does not get too long, everything is in it. A constant review takes place.
(On a physical level, this is called suspended healing!).
• The presentation is the crisis: the idea comes out.
• This is followed by evaluation and any adjustments and/or corrections.
• When the presentation is completely finished, it can be used again and again and people can enjoy it.
An idea alone is not sufficient for its manifestation; actual initiatives must be taken. How the person feels about his idea has a decisive influence on how the manifestation process will proceed (see also Gregg Braden: Power of the Subconscious Mind).
For example:
• A man knows an enormous amount and talks passionately about it. When asked why he does not make a presentation about it, he replies, "My picture is not complete yet." His picture will never be complete because when you think it is complete, new insights (i.e., ideas) will come again.  If he does not give up this limiting belief, he will never present and share his knowledge with the world.
• Someone wants to start a project but is afraid of running out of money. Especially with a large and expensive project, there will be times when there will be a shortage of money. If he sees this as confirmation of his conviction and does not work creatively to overcome this bump, then it will fail because of money shortage.
• If a person doubts that he can do it, its manifestation will be doubtful and the probability of failure will be high.
Of course, the details must be worked out properly before starting the manifestation. The creative phase should never be skipped. All elements of "how things work in the material world" must be included in this preparation phase. Careless preparation will cause great and perhaps insurmountable problems. It is very important to put enough time into the creative phase and wait for "the right time."
Fighting against an idea or its manifestation is futile. And idea manifests according to the Hamers Compass and if you fight against it, you are still working on the same idea. It will continue to magnetize electrical particles and it maintains itself. A few examples:
• When a girl is 8, her parents give her a new nursery. When she is 15, she has grown to hate the "baby room." She gets annoyed with it every day and comes up with the idea of rearranging her room. However, nothing really changes in the process, because the things that are there belong to a girl of 8 and not of 15. Only when she gets the idea to give these things away and actually start buying other stuff can a fundamental change take place. Does she have limiting beliefs, such as: "That costs money and we don't have that," or: "If I ask, they'll think I'm ungrateful," or: "Dad will probably get mad if I bring that up and I don't want that," then it will remain just an idea and nothing will change. However, if she takes the bold step, then she has a chance of understanding and consent and the room will be able to change.
• A revolution: one fights against an idea, a system, but in the minds of the leaders of the anti-movement, nothing new really lives. Some things are shifted, but they are working one the same ideas, perceptions and beliefs about how a country should be run as the old government did. Then when they eventually take over power, they create another version of the same idea.
So if you want to change something, there is no point in fighting the old. Accept the old for what it is, realize how it fits together and why you don't want it that way anymore, and get to work on a new idea, something completely different that is based on different values. Einstein: You will never find a solution to problems if you fight them with the same measures that caused the problems.
The old will at some point become "out of date," it no longer works and it is time for the manifestation of a new idea. Due to lack of attention, the old will naturally decay. Get to work on this new idea, let it mature in the mind, fill in the details, make it concrete. Then it will attract electrical particles and form an electromagnetic field, attracting people, events and circumstances making it a reality. Keep going slowly, don't let bumps throw you off, they will come and they will make you stronger and the idea better. Keep believing in what you are doing and take your time, the "right" time will come.