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Sources of inspiration

When something represents a piece of Truth, it is affirmed everywhere
The insights I convey are a combination of different sources that have very clear common ground, although they are completely independent of each other. When you deal with the truth, or reality, it is always confirmed, even though the different information comes from completely different angles.
My sources of inspiration:
The Mayan Calendar is a 2,000-year-old mythology about the creation of the world.
The Five Biological Laws of Nature tell you how the body is controlled by the mind.
The Course in Miracles was passed on by Jesus to an American woman in the 1960s.
And Christ Returns are 9 letters of Christ, in which he tells us again what he wanted to tell us 2,000 years ago.
It is especially the 9 letters of Christ that have inspired me greatly. They have become my "bible," telling how everything works, how "All that IS" manifests, where the source comes from and what our relationship to that source is. They explain the cosmic laws of creation, to which everything and everyone conforms. Anyone who tries to get out from under them creates karma. They also talk about the meaning of conception and how new life gains its human consciousness.
By studying these letters, it became clear to me that the biological laws of nature are a reflection of the cosmic laws of creation. We can experience our own creative capacity through our bodily processes and thus also gain insight into how the entire cosmos was created. The operation of both mechanisms is fundamentally the same: so above, so below....
The Mayan Calendar is also a creation story containing the biological and mental evolution of organisms on Earth.
In the four steps of biological evolution, the Biological Laws of Nature are very evident.
By combining the insights from Christ Returns with the 4 steps of mental evolution, it becomes clear why it is that we have accumulated so much karma over the past 100,000 years. It is a logical consequence of the evolution of consciousness, it was meant to be. It prepares us for the time to come when we must become full co-creators. But to do that, we first had to learn and experience "how to do it."....
Mental evolution was the "youth" of humanity. Now "adult" life begins and we will have to take responsibility for the earth and everything on it. Playing is over...
Gregg Braden explains this very clearly in "Power of the Subconscious Mind," and Barry Long teaches you how to put these insights into practice. For more inspirations from other perspectives that all confirm this as well, see the links.
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