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Online presentation Spiology

How diseases occur and how you can transform them

Spiology is the combination van Biology and Spirituality.

Starting point are Biological Laws of Nature, but to apply them in your daily life, to LIVE them, spiritual insights are necessary.
On the other hand, living the Biological Laws necessitates you to manifest spiritual insights in your life.

You will see that the functioning of body is analog to life itself and that diseases are beautiful lessons, that you can approach in a completely different way. You will start to realize that the way to handle illnesses is the same as the way to handle difficult, scary of shocking situations.
So above, so below; so body, so life.

The biological laws of nature show us a holistic and totally different approach of sickness and health: diseases are part of biological meaningful processes, which are explicable, predictable, logical and recognizable. The purpose of alle biological programs is always the survival of the organism.
Understanding the biological laws can ultimately cause you to lose your fear of illnesses.
You will be able to welcome them as the logical consequences of the way you perceived past circumstances. You will understand and begin to know on a very deep level that the body does not make mistakes, that symptoms are merely messages from your sub conscious, and you will be able to understand those messages.
By living through diseases rather than fighting them, transformation is possible and miraculous healings may occur.

The implications of living the biological laws are enriching and far reaching.
You will start to trust your body as well as life itself.


  • Short biography van Dr. Hamer and the discovery of the biological Laws
  • The Hamer Compass: mechanism of the survival programs of which diseases are part
  • The new paradigm: a totally different way of thinking
  • The 2 faces of these processes and what happens in the body
  • Allergies and chronical problems
  • The implications: A totally different way of dealing with diseases and problematic situations
  • Many examples and experiences

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