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Costs of the various activities

Would you like to follow one of the activities but you can not pay for it (now), please contact me. This knowledge is so valuable that money should not be an obstacle.

Day and multi-day live activities
The prices, including VAT and digital manual, are as follows:
€ 130,- for workshops and theme days of 1 day.
€ 250,- for two-day workshops.
€ 470,- for the four-day workshops.

The cost varies by location and is between 10 and 20 euros. Refer to the information form of the lecture of your choice at the agenda.

Individual awareness training
These served to complement a workshop, to see individually what is going on.
€ 65, - per hour.

Introductory talk
20-minute conversation about the content of the workshops and what they can mean for you personally.
€ 25,- .

Online workshops
Workshop videos:
Separate parts of the basic workshop VJL: € 35,00 per part plus manual and a webinar.

Four-day workshop of 16 parts + webinars (VJL and BLGK): € 440, -.
The basic workshop TYB has a free extra part and therefore consists of 17 parts and 17 webinars.

Two-day online workshops: € 230,-
Migraine, 2 parts: € 70,-

The complete workshop with 50% discount on the cost of the online version for people who:
Within a year of attending a live workshop, purchase all video parts of that same workshop. They get it for half the money.
Conversely, this also applies: anyone who follows the online workshop or has recently followed and signs up for the live version, will receive a discount of 50% of the cost of the online version, provided there is space!
So, for example, the four - day basic workshop will cost € 250,-instead of € 470, -.
This applies to all activities that are given both online and live, except for HEALING through FEELING, which is only live.
This is a workshop in which you work on yourself and it is always different.

Online Q&A's
Once you have followed the workshop + all the Q&A's, it is possible to repeat it. There are 2 options:

  • Repetition of one specific Q&A: € 10,-
  • Repeat of the big workshop (VJL and BLGK): € 125,-
  • Repetition of workshops of 8 parts (BNC, BPSG, eyes, etc): € 65,-

Subscription for the repetition of all the workshops you have done for a certain time:
1 month: € 60,-
3 months: € 150,-
1 calendar year or from August to July: € 400,-

If you are considering this, check out the program of the online Q&A's or contact me for longer-term planning.