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A partnership between humans and animals
On February 9, together with my daughter Inger, I started the v.o.f. Bionomy.
Bionomy means:
1. Life habits of animals and plants
2. Learn from the laws of life
3. Environmental
I feel especially connected to the 2nd definition: the doctrine of the laws of life. That is what Living in Trust and the biological laws of nature stand for.
Inger's dream is: her own horse business in the discipline of dressage. She works more with the 1st definition: the life habits of animals (and plants).
She has learned in recent years to live by the biological laws of nature and acts accordingly, both with regard to herself and her animals: the horses.
I myself have been involved with horses since my childhood and when we returned from Bolivia with our family in 1998 we had a horse farm for 4 years. At that time we lacked the knowledge and skills to make it a success. However, I enjoyed those years and always wished I could once again set up something with horses in the right way.
I understand Inger's passion very well and enjoy being actively involved in her business. Inger has since accumulated the knowledge and expertise that we were missing at the time: she is a skilled dressage rider, she is good at training and educating young horses and is an excellent dressage instructor.
Although we both do completely different things, there are many similarities: the theory I put forth, she lives in practice and every day we learn together from our animals: the horses, the dogs and the cats.
It is a wonderful interaction because the biological laws of nature show themselves in their pure form in animals.
Why the name Bionomy?
The meaning of "Bio" in Bionomy
Bios is Greek for "life"
Bi means "two"
Two life-giving essences form a whole, one cannot exist without the other.
Without this duality, there is no LIFE:
• Yin - Yang
• Light - dark
• Mind - body
• Cosmos - Earth
• Man - horse (see Bionomy)
Everything is connected and in that connection everything must be lived through and experienced.
Man and horse
The connection man and horse is shaped by my daughter Inger. She knows the essence of the biological laws of nature inside out and also lives based on them.
Her dream is to get the most out of herself as a dressage rider in cooperation with her horse. Often you see that performance is forced on a horse, it only goes well for a while. If you work together with your horse, understand the horse's reactions from the biology of behavior and character, and deal with them appropriately and with respect for his BEING, then the horse will do everything in his power to work with you.
Furthermore, horses, as well as our other animals, are our teachers regarding the biological laws of nature. They live these laws very purely and open-mindedly; they are not hindered by judgments, perceptions and beliefs as they are with us humans. They are an example for anyone who wants to learn about this and all activities involve lessons they have taught us.
You can read more about that at animal wisdom.